Ask Jana

Welcome to this super-charged knowledge transfer part of your 30 Session Challenge experience at the Metta District. Over time, we will be adding to this section so it will be packed full of Ask Jana Q&A sessions, webinar recordings, and so much more! Get ready to.....get inside Jana's brain!!

Ask Jana Q&A Sessions

Session #1
If you are wondering:
- am I inhaling and exhaling properly with certain exercises?
- why are my feet feeling fatigued when I am working out barefoot with Jana and what can I do to improve this?
- what is the snapping sound in my hip when I move through hip internal and external rotation?
- are there any hints to improve the quality of rolling up to seated from back lying?

This session covers this all. Be sure to move along with Jana and her husband Jason as they take a deep dive into these important questions. Get ready to move better and get even more benefits out of your workouts!