Learn 50+ Ways to End Chronic Stress, Fatigue, and Burnout at the Medicine of Mindset Summit.
Learn 50+ Ways to End Chronic Stress, Fatigue, and Burnout at the Medicine of Mindset Summit.


***Important 30 Session Challenge Completion Instructions***(Please watch my welcome video below.)


Challenge Timing:The clock on your six week challenge starts ticking the moment you have clicked on the “Mark Complete” button of your “Week 01: Session 01 – Align & Tone” workout (see lessons below).  Then, each week (every 7 days from the point you “Marked Complete” the “Align & Tone” workout), you will see the next weeks’ workouts appear below.

Your Special Incentive Prize!To reward you for your commitment to completing all 30 of your workouts…..we have a very special incentive for you to earn. When you complete your 30 Session challenge in 6 weeks, you will unlock a huge prize – our epic Mat Transformation Package. 30 fabulous Pilates Mat classes – 10 Pilates Mat Basics, 10 Pilates Mat Progressions and 10 Pilates Mat Summit videos (value $497)!!! And this is what you get for just doing what you said you would do – 30 half hour workouts in 6 weeks!

We do know that sometimes life throws us curveballs and we want to acknowledge that.  If you do not complete your challenge within the 6 weeks, we will gift you two bonus weeks. If you complete your 30 session challenge in 8 weeks, you will keep all 30 of the workouts from the Challenge forever so you can keep working out with me.  However the incentive prize is no longer available past the six week point.

If you have not completed your 30 sessions by that 8 weak point, the 30 session challenge video access goes away. So……get a workout buddy if you need, schedule those workouts into your calendar like you would a hair appointment and make the commitment to yourself. You will not regret it!

Very Important: please ensure you have clicked on the “Marked Complete” button on bottom of ALL of the workout videos, including the “Mini Educate Me Workshop” and the “Healthy Eating Framework”, prior to the end of the six weeks, so that you will receive your special incentive prize.

Here are your Impact 30 bonuses Healthy Recipe Guide and Mini Educate Me Workshop.

Please scroll down and click on the video name to begin your next video (e.g. if you are just getting started, click on “Week 1: Session 01 – Align and Tone”.  Once you have completed the whole video (watching it all the way to the end of the Metta District Credits), then click on the “Mark Complete” button to move to the next video (button will turn from grey to blue).

If you are having technical difficulties with the video volume click here to find out how to fix. If you are having technical difficulties with moving to the next lesson click here.

Your bonus material is available by clicking on Lesson 1 below. The 30 Session Challenge bonus material includes a Healthy Recipe Guide, Mini Educate Me Workshop and Full Prop List.

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Jana Danielson is an award-winning wellness entrepreneur who through her own experience with physical pain turned her mess into her message. She is an Amazon Best Selling Author, owner of Lead Pilates and Lead Integrated Health Therapies, her bricks & mortar businesses and the Metta District, her online wellness community. She is the creator of the Cooch Ball, the world’s first patented pelvic floor fitness tool for women. Jana has coached and consulted with thousands of women from all over the world to help improve their quality of life, their confidence and their impact in this world.

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