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The "Mini Educate Me" Workshop:

Time Codes:

1:20 Spine is meant to move: Neutral spine, diaphragmatic breathing, pelvis, core, pelvic floor
3:25 More on Neutral Spine
7:22 Diaphragmatic Breathing
8:55 Our Core
10:05 Pelvic Floor

13:50 Pelvic Floor release with 5” ball
15:10 Articulated Bridge and Head Curl up, Nervous System and Opposition
13:29 More on the Articulated Bridge
16:55 Head Curl
19:17 Eccentric and Concentric Movement

21:08 Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous Systems
20:20 More on Diaphragmatic Breathing
23:40 Rib Cage Fundamentals in Movement
25:30 Low Back Pain
27:22 Hamstrings 101
28:38 Posture; Neutral Spine

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The Educate Me And Rescue Me Resource Bundle

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In this course you will receive 9 Rescue Me videos (5-7 minutes each) are like your movement medicine cabinet. Learn simple ways to take control over your headaches, low back pain, brain fog and so much more.

You will also receive 19 unique Educate Me videos that explain the ‘WHY’ behind all the movements that can improve our quality of life vs the habits and patterns the can create more pain.

BONUS: Pelvic Floor Secrets

“Educate Me”: Who Even Cares About Neutral Spine??

“Educate Me”: It’s a Game Changer: Diaphragmatic Breathing

“Educate Me”: Pelvic Clock 101

“Educate Me”: Hamstring Basics

“Educate Me”: Movement Do-Over: Learning to Walk

“Educate Me”: Getting to Know Your Core

“Educate Me”: Rib Cage Basics

“Educate Me”: Spinal Flexion: It’s not just about putting on your socks!

“Educate Me”: Work 100 X’s harder by incorporating Opposition

“Educate Me”: The Key to an Epic Head Curl Up: Less Neck Tension

“Educate Me”: Hand Health

“Educate Me”: Whaaaat?! You mean there are different ways to move?? Eccentric vs Concentric Movement

“Educate Me”: Educating about the Pelvic Floor

“Educate Me”: Fascia 101

“Educate Me”: Know Your Nervous System

“Educate Me”: Rock & Roll Over: The Ultimate Spinal Inversion

“Educate Me”: Pilates Breathing Variations

“Educate Me”: PNF 101

“Educate Me”: The Benefits of Rolling on our Spine Committing to Learning the Pelvic List will change your life

“Rescue Me”: Shoulder (Not So) Basics

“Rescue Me”: 7 minutes to Less Knee Pain: Quad and IT Band Release

“Rescue Me”: Take Control of your Headaches

“Rescue Me”: Happy Feet: Using our Hands to Release our Feet

“Rescue Me”: Happy Feet: The Magic of the Pinky Ball

“Rescue Me”: Help Me Find Neutral Spine

“Rescue Me”: Assess the Health of your Spine: The Articulated Bridge

“Rescue Me”: Movement for the Pelvic Floor

“Rescue Me”: Why Committing to Learning the Pelvic List will change your life

“Rescue Me”: Shoulder (Not So) Basics

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