Welcome To The

"Movement For MS" Webinar

You CAN lower pain and increase the quality of your life, and we have the research to prove it!

Jana Danielson - Founder - Metta District

Time: 7pm (Saskatchewan Timezone)

Date: Tuesday, July 23rd, 2019

Format: Live Video Webinar

Presenter: Jana Danielson,
Owner, Lead Pilates and Lead Integrated Health Therapies

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Learn about the framework for learning basic movement strategies to lower pain and increase the quality of your life:

  • Improving our breathing techniques
  • Seated and standing posture
  • Fundamental joint alignment
  • Functional walking gait concepts (that can also be done seated!)
  • Coordinating upper and lower body movements

"Discover what I and our team, along with the University of Saskatchewan, were able to learn about movement and MS so that you or the person you know who has been diagnosed with MS could have the movement tools that have been proven to increase your quality of life."
Jana Danielson, Founder of Lead Pilates


"What stands out most when you first meet Jana is her passion and determination. It is this passion that has made her so successful in helping others achieve wellness, and we are extremely thankful that Jana is now sharing this with the MS community."

Dr. Charity Evans
Associate Professor of Pharmacy

University of Saskatchewan

"Jana's continued passion and innovative approach to wellness is what will continue to change lives. Every day she strives to increase the quality of life for her clients, including those living with MS. The MS Society funded study on Pilates and MS, lead by Jana and her team resulted in tangible benefits for those affected by the disease, and to drive advancement in wholistic health for many and diverse populations. Thank you Jana for your vision and dedication to better health for all!"

Erin Kuan,
President: MS Society of Canada
Manitoba and Saskatchewan Divisions

Our Research Study Results:

Evidence consistently shows that exercise therapy has beneficial effects on physical performance and quality of life in individuals with MS. As a series of exercises based on whole-body movement, Pilates may improve physical functioning in people with MS.

Walking ability was improved after a 12-week Pilates program in individuals with MS; no adverse events were reported.

This study adds to the growing body of literature suggesting that Pilates is a safe and effective exercise option for MS and can be used by individuals with a wide range of ability levels.

Jana Danielson - Founder - Metta District

My goal is to help you to learn and build these new skills into your everyday life – it is not what you learn on the videos that is important, it is how you incorporate your new knowledge into your everyday life.  I love movement, I love helping new people fall in love with movement to become the best versions of themselves.  Take your time to learn, have patience with your body, there are going to be challenging days and really good days. Just remember that consistency is key.  A few minutes a day can make a world of difference.

Jana Danielson, MBA

Founder, Metta District, Lead Pilates and Lead Integrated Health Therapies