Pilates Mat Transformations

This is the most comprehensive Pilates Mat experience at the Metta District.  The Mat Transformation Pack includes the following:

  • 10 Beginner Mat Basics workouts – these 10 workouts are designed to give you a comprehensive introduction to Pilates Mat and the Principles of Pilates
  • 10 Pilates Mat Progressions workouts – these 10 workouts will build on what we learned from the Basics series and will start to refine and challenge you in new ways as we get rid of old habits and patterns and build new strength and flexibility
  • 10 Pilates Mat Summit workouts – have you heard the saying, “If it is not challenging then it’s not Pilates?”  As your mind and body have developed a new relationship and awareness of each other in the Basics and Progressions parts of this Pack, and as you reach the Summit, you will feel invigorated and full of vitality so you can be living your best life.

There are 2 ways that you can invest in this ultimate Pilates Mat experience:

  1. Purchase it for $497
  2. Unlock these 30 AH-MAZING Pilates Mat Classes at no cost when you purchase and complete the 30 Session Challenge in 6 weeks.

We have solved the confusion and uncertainty of choosing what is right for you by removing those movements that are not appropriate, and cause further pain.

We created this 100% online video series of Pilates Mat Foundational movements that will help you strengthen your body around your injury so that you can start to live with less pain and discomfort.

(USD) $497.00


Pilates Mat Transformations