Movement for MS

Our research study showed these 10 movement skills that you will learn in this 10-part video online e-course, improved posture, alignment, gait, and balance.

  1. Diaphragmatic Breathing – fuel your cells with the oxygen they need for optimal function:
  2. Seated Posture – basics of optimal positioning
  3. Standing Posture – properly use your feet
  4. Foot Release (aka Happy Feet) – creating efficient blood flow for function
  5. Seated Hoof – foundation of walking with confidence
  6. Standing Hoofing – progressing the strength in our walking gait
  7. Seated Hoof with Opposite Arm Reach – integrating upper and lower body movements
  8. Standing Hoof with Opposite Arm Reach – coordinating functional movement
  9. Seated Shoulder Biomechanics – decrease upper back and neck tension
  10. 4 Key Spinal Movements – your spine is the fountain of youth

(USD) $77.00