The Frequency Factor: Biz Edition

Absolutely everything in the universe consists of energy.  Every thought, every emotion, every action vibrates on a particular frequency.  

Did you know that each business development call you make, each Zoom room you enter, each in person conference you attend has a frequency.  Do these experiences each day of building your business increase or decrease your frequency? How do you know?  What can you do each day that takes minutes of your time to assure that you are showing up to impact in the most radical way?

For the past 2 years I have focussed on my entrepreneurial journey in a different way.  For decades, I believed that the boardroom and spirituality, energy, frequency did not belong together.  Sheesh, was I wrong! The moment I started to live in my authenticity personally AND professionally there was a HUGE shift for me.  My bricks and mortar business thrived during a global pandemic, I launched my online community and business AND I launched my first patented product and I owe so much of my success to the fact that I stopped ‘pushing through’ and ‘grinding’ in my business and started to surrender, trust my connection and in the midst of all of that I created a multi-pronged revenue business that is serving me and the lifestyle I want for my family and I vs the other way around.

This course, The Frequency Factor: Biz Edition has been curated with you, the budding or established entrepreneur in mind. Whether you are dreaming of one day leaving your job to start your own business, this course is for you. If you have started a side hustle, this course is for you. If you have launched your business, this course is for you.

I bring together the magic of mindset, movement and motivation into easy to implement strategies that take MINUTES A DAY to execute.  We will bust myths about forming habits, the language we use which results in us raising our own frequency so that we can live a life on purpose with purpose.

This course includes these sessions:

  • Foundation of Your Health
  • The Building Blocks of Your Success
  • Build Your Success Plan by Using the 5 Dials
  • Movement is Medicine
  • The Relationship and Roles Audit
  • Mindset Personality Blueprint #1
  • Mindset Personality Blueprint #2
  • Mindset Personality Blueprint #3
  • Mindset Personality Blueprint #4
  • Renew Your Body Movement Series

(USD) $2,597.00

The Frequency Factor: Biz Edition