Workplace Vitality Essentials

This 10 part e-learning experience will teach you how to apply the basics of posture and movement into a ‘tool kit’ of skills that will create a happier, healthier version of you at work so that you can have energy left for your family and friends at the end of the day.

Your Workplace Vitality Essentials E-Course covers:

  • Your Workplace Vitality Introduction
  • 5 Spinal Movements for Optimal Back Health
  • Solutions for Eye Strain & Brain Fog
  • A primer on the Fascial System: The Key to Moving Better
  • Foot Health
  • Low Back Basics
  • Reframing Pain
  • Stacking Your Life
  • Breath: Unlocking your Body’s Potential
  • Headaches: Natural Ways to Manage
  • Posture and the Dynamic Workstation

(USD) $147.00


Workplace Vitality Essentials