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A life altering digestive pain led me to my solution & my new life... pilates!

To this day, we have changed over 10,000 lives with Pilates in my studio! Now through my online studio, The Metta District, I am bringing the lifestyle of Pilates to you, in the comfort & convenience of your home. Thank you for being here, I'm thrilled we're getting to know each other.

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MY LIFE IN 15 BULLET POINTS... and a video 🙂

Where to start??? I thought the easiest way to get to know who I am is through some bullet point highlights of my life.  These 15 bullet points have molded me into the wife, mom, daughter, sister, auntie, friend, and entrepreneur that I am today!

  • I was born and raised on a farm just outside of Norquay, Saskatchewan, Canada.
  • I am the eldest of 3 kids, I have a younger sister, Amanda and a brother, Nathan.
  • I was crowned Carnival Queen in 1982 in my town, to this day, I am still the youngest Carnival Queen in Norquay’s history!
  • I married my high school sweetheart, Jason, who also was my Vice President on the Student Council the year that I was President (nothing much has changed since, right honey:)!!
  • After high school we both moved to the big city of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and attended the University of Saskatchewan, I received my Bachelor of Commerce degree and Jason received his Bachelor of Science Degree.
  • We got married and Jason started Graduate School and I worked to support us both even though he reminds me that he did contribute via scholarship money. He completed his Masters of Science Degree and I started to take my Masters in Business Administration.
  • We have three amazing teenage boys, Tyler, Will and Tommy and they fascinate, frustrate and teach Jason and I something everyday, we thank God for them.
  • I found Pilates 20 years ago when I looked healthy but lived with undiagnosed digestive pain everyday of my life. After 6 months of medical testing my Dr. told me there was nothing more they could do to help me aside from prescribing more medication. She told me that I was possibly seeking attention and that my pain was all in my head.
  • I tried Pilates because my body hurt whether I moved or not and my bootcamp classes where I would hold plank while my instructor would place a 20lb sand bag on my low back were not working for me any longer.
  • I started doing 2 Pilates Mat classes a week and within 4 months, I could not tell you why back then, but I was off all of my grocery list of medications and was finally living a quality of life that I deserved - all thanks to learning how to move better which resulted in better posture, better functioning of my systems - digestion, circulation, nerves, muscular, and the list goes on.
  • I wanted to learn more about this form of movement so found a teacher training program, got certified in Pilates Mat and Apparatus and got some of my friends and my sister’s friends to do 2 classes a week out of our basement. Jason also recruited some of his buddies to do 2 guy’s classes a week and as they say, the rest is history.
  • 16 months later I was teaching 16 hours of classes and 20 hours of privates out of our home and I was also running my own business consulting firm - something had to give.
  • Jason left his job and took over the consulting business and I opened our first studio outside of our home, a 2,220 square foot studio in September of 2010.
  • A few years later the vision to create a space in Saskatoon with like minded people who believed in an integrated approach to wellness. Where there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to what the body needs at various stages and if you offer the body what it needs, it could get better, less pain, stronger muscles, better posture, improved circulation, better oxygenated cells.
  • In July, 2015, Lead Pilates expanded to include Lead Integrated Health Therapies and we moved into our 9,000 square foot facility in Saskatoon.

So, there you have it - how this all came to be.

It was not in the 10 year plan, I did not anticipate a full career change. But I LOVE what I do and I honestly wake up everyday not feeling like I am going to work. Now, I am not saying that each day is a walk in the park, no way! There are days where I want to get off this train, but at 45 years old, I am just feeling like I am fulfilling my destiny in a weird way. I love to educate, I love to inspire and I love to help people like you see the possibility for something new, something different, something that maybe you have never allowed yourself to aspire to. That’s what I am good at and that is what the Metta District and our online learning platform is all about. Welcome to this crazy community of like minded people. I know you will enjoy your stay!!

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