Inactive Kids = Increased Risk Of Getting Sick

Here are sneak peak videos into what you will receive and experience on the inside...

Are you lost when it comes to how to keep your kids engaged during the day?

How do you keep your kids moving when they can’t ‘play’ with their friends?

Do you need some guidance or a framework for physical education?

Do you need a little bit of a break during the day from entertaining your kids?

What if there was an online tool that was developed out of a research study conducted in the United States called Pilates in the Schools?

What if that tool could be used on demand and you knew that what your kids were participating in:

10x30min FUN online Exercise videos So that:

  • You will see an improvement in your child's ability to respond to stress!
  • Your family will be engaged and have fun together!  
  • Increases mind and body fitness and
    developed lifetime health skills such as self awareness, self care and self management.

Activate movement breaks so that:

  • Everyone in the family will invigorate the nervous system using focused and concentrated breathing.
  • They will organize whole brain function for optimal learning!
  • You will raise levels of chemical ‘messengers’ known to balance behaviour!

Build self-confidence and habits to last a lifetime

  • This programs strengthens attention span and coordination via cross-lateral movements.
  • These interactive videos with Jana are created for a fun and safe way of learning.
  • You have unlimited access to these videos, giving you the opportunity to go through them repeatedly to create a new lifetime movement habit for your family.

Your kid's camp experience will be life changing for them and for you. They will soak up all the amazing movement and educational instruction that Jana has to offer them. They will become healthier, happier and more in tune with their body and their mind. This is one of the greatest gifts we an give to our children. An investment in their health will always offer HUGE returns.

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Camp Energy Blast is an online course that includes 10 thirty-minute movement experiences, we use our imagination, we use fun visualizations, go on amazing adventures and learn about our body, how it works and how to care for it!

Camp Energy Blast! It was developed by Jana Danielson, who is a mom of 3 boys, has been a Pilates Master Instructor for over a decade and has been teaching kids for many years. Jana is also the owner of Lead Pilates and Lead Integrated Health Therapies located in Saskatoon SK and last fall launched her online studio called the Metta District.

CAMP Curriculum

01 - Welcome to Camp Energy Blast

02 - Water+Moving=Awesomeness!

03 - Animal Movement

04 - Muscle Mania

05 - Learning about out Upper Body

06 - BALListic Fun!

07 - Fascia is FUN

08 - Spine Time

09 - Pump Heart Pump

10 - Calming our Mind and Body

Let's begin!





  • Save Time With Quick Online Workouts
  • Easy 24/7 Access Anytime, Anywhere
  • 10 X 30 Minute Workouts
  • your kids become independent learners
  • use their imagination
  • learn about their body
  • focus on the importance of posture
  • gain lifelong wellness skills
  • become more confident
  • build a self-care toolbox
  • compliments any sport or performing arts training
  • improves sleep
  • skill building around calming their mind
  • gain strength and flexibility
  • get their heart pumping
  • improves focus and concentration

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Jana Danielson - Founder - Metta District

My goal is to help you to learn and build these new skills into your everyday life – it is not what you learn on the videos that is important, it is how you incorporate your new knowledge into your everyday life.  I love movement, I love helping new people fall in love with movement to become the best versions of themselves.  Take your time to learn, have patience with your body, there are going to be challenging days and really good days. Just remember that consistency is key.  A few minutes a day can make a world of difference.

Jana Danielson, MBA

Founder, Metta District, Lead Pilates and Lead Integrated Health Therapies