“It was like I was super charging the age reversal process and in less than a week, I had people asking me if I started getting botox injections!!” Jana Danielson

You are invited to the Metta District where we are celebrating at our…...

Chaleur Spring Equinox Soiree

On March 20 the Sun’s rays shine directly on the Equator. During this time of the year, the tilt of the Earth in its rotational orbit is in a straight alignment with the Sun. With this, there is an incredible balance created, and all over the planet, day and night are approximately equal. Masculine and feminine are balanced, and the playing field is level for all.

Because of this…..we want to connect with you and other amazing women from all over to celebrate this balance, this renewal, this powerful yet peaceful day.

Join Jana Danielson, Founder of the Metta District and VP of Marketing for Chaleur Beauty as she hosts this super fun virtual event on Saturday, March 20th, 2021 from 7-9pm MST. Jana will lead us in celebrating the spring equinox where we will enjoy some girl talk about balance in our life, some movement featuring alignment, and we will all be swept away by all doing an at home spa facial experience featuring the FIRST Heat-activated Age Reversal Skin Care Mask by Chaleur® Beauty. Pour your own special drink of choice and get ready for a night full of fun!

Your $47USD ticket to the Spring Equinox Soiree includes exclusive access to our Zoom room, one Chaleur Heat-activated Mask with one weekly serum packet, and a Chaleur Facelift ball that Jana will teach you how to use to ‘roll’ your wrinkles away. Lots of prizes to be won!

Limited Space Available

$47 ONLY

What Clients Say?

The Chaleur Heat Penetrating Mask is a unique tool used to open pores, increase bloodflow, and prepare the skin to absorb 100x’s the amount of anti-aging ingredients. Using the Heat Penetrating mask guarantees more active, longer lasting, and quicker results. It’s easy to use, and only requires water. The unique combination of Chaleur Skin Care and our Self-Heat penetrating tools is what makes the Chaleur difference.

“I have used every anti-wrinkle, anti-aging, anti- anything product! Nothing is quite like putting a steamy, thick, mask on top of my products and feeling them work. My redness was gone after the first time, and after about a month the lines on my face disappeared.”

Amy, California

“This is so much more than an at home facial. You can literally feel the heated mask opening your pores, pulling out the yucky stuff, and pushing in the good stuff. I can’t use skin-care any other way.”

Heidi, Georgia

“Chaleur is so different. You add water into this little pouch, and all the sudden this steamy warm mask is ready for your face. It’s like magic! You lay under this mask that smells good, sounds relaxing, and actually, shows a difference in your skin. Try it now!”

Christine, Texas