Just Jana: Healing the Postural Epidemic in Our Kids with Deanna Hansen

By Just Jana | Just Jana

Jan 14

This week on Just Jana is part two of our conversation with Deanna Hansen, founder of Fluid Isometrics and Block Therapy. Join us to learn more about how we can help our kids heal their posture, improve their breath, and reduce their pain and anxiety. Although the health of our kids is always a huge priority, as busy moms, sometimes we’re at a loss for how to care because we don’t understand where the pain is coming from. According to Deanna, kids now, more than ever, are struggling with so much stress and pain because of dysfunctional posture and breath. In this episode, Deanna and Jana walk through how we can teach our kids how to take control of their bodies, respond to and reduce pain, and grow healthier every day.

For access to Deanna’s free class and book, visit kd167.isrefer.com/go/FreeImmuneClass/LeadPilates/

To learn more about Deanna and Block Therapy, visit blocktherapy.com/

To learn more about Jana’s pilates studios or to get in contact, go to leadpilates.com/ and mettadistrict.com/studio/.

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