Just Jana: Mastering Manifestation and Mindset with Natalie Ledwell

By Just Jana | Just Jana

Jan 28

In part two of Jana’s conversation with Natalie Ledwell, bestselling author, personal development coach, co-founder of Mind Movies, host of the Inspiration Show & WakeUP! TV, we explore the world of mindset and manifestation. According to Natalie, understanding manifestation is as simple as figuring out ways in which we can positively influence the outcomes in our lives. This week’s episode of Just Jana is all about how we can utilize some simple visualization and mindfulness techniques in order to take control of our spiritual direction, build healthy daily habits, and live life with more intention.  

For access to Natalie’s free gift, go to https://www.mindmovies.com/mm4/6premadesgift.php?29680

To learn more about Natalie, visit https://www.natalieledwell.com/

To learn more about Jana’s pilates studios or to get in contact, go to https://leadpilates.com/ and https://mettadistrict.com/studio/.

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