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Dec 24

Introducing Jana… and the New You!

Whether you own your own business, live the office life, or hustle from home, you are a mom boss because you are a mom. In Just Jana, Jana Danielson shares her passion for education through simple, back-to-basics concepts to target the pain points that mom bosses experience, not just in their bodies, but in their relationships with their friends, family, and themselves. 

Like listening to your personal cheerleader, life coach, and wellness instructor all rolled into one, Just Jana is a podcast designed for busy mom bosses to invest 15-20 minutes to find clarity and energy in their daily routine.

On our first episode, we get to know Jana and hear her journey through her roles as business consultant, basement pilates instructor, integrated health studio owner, community leader, and, most importantly, mom. 

Jana explains that information is power when it comes to our bodies. Think about it like this: You only have one body. It takes you from the beginning to the end with no replacement parts. It is then our job to learn that the body is meant to heal and that we are not meant to be in pain. 

Whether you struggle from digestive pain, headaches, or are, as Jana puts it, a lifetime member of the ‘pee club,’ Jana’s multifaceted approach to fitness and wellness strives to meet your body where it’s at and make the daily hustle a little more manageable, and a lot more fun.

To learn more about Jana’s pilates studios or to get in contact, go to https://leadpilates.com/ and https://mettadistrict.com/studio/

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