Just Jana: Unlocking the Power of Cell Care with Deanna Hansen

By Just Jana | Just Jana

Jan 07

On this episode of Just Jana, we explore a new world of self care—cell care—with special guest Deanna Hansen. Deanna takes us through her journey from athletic therapist struggling with chronic pain, anxiety, and weight gain to her role as the founder of Fluid Isometrics and Block Therapy. Jana and Deanna walk us through the fundamentals of movement and how we can use proper diaphragmatic breathing and fascial release to move pain, fear, and stress out of the bodies and keep our internal system healthy. In the same way that we take care of the whole body through a bubble bath, a cup of tea, or a morning meditation, it’s important to give our cells that same time and attention so that they can thrive on our behalf. Deanna shows us how we can invest a small amount of time into understanding and taking care of the trillions of cells that carry us through the good days, the hard days, and everything in between. 

For access to Deanna’s free class and book, visit https://kd167.isrefer.com/go/FreeImmuneClass/LeadPilates/

To learn more about Deanna and Block Therapy, visit https://blocktherapy.com/

To learn more about Jana’s pilates studios or to get in contact, go to https://leadpilates.com/ and https://mettadistrict.com/studio/

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