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We are looking for individuals or groups who are as passionate about keeping kids moving as we are.  Our world has been asked to pause, to take a deep breath.  In these moments, much uncertainty has surfaced but amongst the uncertainty, there is also opportunity and we want you to join us to change the world!

As one of our Physical Education Partners, your role is to be a champion for health and wellness for our kids.  We have 2 programs for you to become involved with.  Our first program is called Camp Energy Blast! Camp Energy Blast is made up of 10 thirty minute movement experiences that parents who have been thrown into teacher roles at home can use as their Phys Ed programming.  Our second program is called Pilates Conditioning for Dancers, we have one 10 part course designed for dancers from Age 9-13 and a second 10 part course for dancers age 14 plus.

The Camp Energy Blast curriculum is based on The Pilates in the Schools research that was completed in the US about 10 years ago.  In addition to the learning taken from this research, Camp Energy Blast also includes education on muscles, bones and movement principles.  There is focused breath training and lots of fun adventures.  Camp Energy Blast is suited for kids aged 5-12.

The learning outcomes of the movement taught in this course includes:

  1. An override of the body’s physiological response to stress

  2. Initiating the relaxation response and invigorating the nervous system by means of concentrated and focused breathing.

  3. Integrating all the body’s systems to bring students into an energized, alert state.

  4. Organizing whole brain functioning for optimal learning.

  5. Raising levels of all chemical ‘messengers’ known to balance behaviour and inhibit hunger.

  6. Unifying the cognitive and motor regions of the brain critical to strengthening our attention and coordination, by the introduction of cross-lateral movements.

  7. Creating a fun, harmonious, and safe way of learning and developing group dynamics and social skills.

  8. Reducing stress, increasing mind and body fitness, and developing key elements of lifetime health habits such as self awareness, self care and self management.

Our second course is called Pilates Conditioning for Dancers. This revolutionary online course is the perfect complement to any formal dance training.  

We know that being involved in dance creates a body that moves aesthetically, but often does not create balance in the body as turns and jumps always seem to be stronger on one side vs the other.  

We know that being involved in dance requires a body that has both tremendous strength and huge flexibility.  Even though this stability and mobility should support each other, often times they do not and many dancers go through their careers with hypermobility in their joints, which might look amazing in a performance, but this hypermobility and overuse can cause major issues including:

  • Hip injuries: snapping hip syndrome, hip impingement, labral tears, hip flexor tendonitis, hip bursitis and sacroiliac joint dysfunction

  • Foot and ankle injuries: Achilles tendonitis, trigger toe and ankle impingement

  • Knee injuries: patellofemoral pain syndrome

  • Stress fractures: metatarsals, tibia, sesamoids and lumbar spine

  • Dancers are also likely to develop arthritis in the knee, hip, ankle and foot

Pilates Conditioning for Dancers is the missing link for this group of performing athletes and we want you to help us spread the word!

If the vision of Camp Energy Blast and Pilates Conditioning for Dancers aligns with your values and beliefs around the importance of moving our kids, then becoming a Physical Education Partner is a natural next step for you.  As a Physical Education Partner, you will receive a customized affiliate code that you will use to promote Camp Energy Blast, Pilates Conditioning for Dancers (and future subsequent programming) to your networks.  You will earn 10% commission on all sales purchased using your custom affiliate code.

All you need to do is complete the form below to get all signed up.  Once you are approved, you will receive an email from us with your link and with what we call ‘swipe copy’ which is basically a fancy marketing term that refers to an email that you literally can cut and paste and send out to your network or use on your social media.

Commissions are paid out via e-transfer monthly.  

The only question left to answer is….what are you waiting for??!

Excited for this journey with you!


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