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Do you want to be part of a community and experience a new lifestyle and body

while performing the 'juggling act' called life? 

Short on time?

No problem,  the mix of Move Me workouts (30-40 minutes) and Rescue Me videos (5-7 minutes) ensure that even if you can sneak in 6 minutes of you time, becoming a member of the Pilates Boost Online Studio is right for you.

Need convenience?

Travelling for work? Stuck at Home? No problem. You will have me at your fingertips whenever the need or want arises to make moving your body a priority. All you have to do is press play on your phone, tablet or laptop, get on your stretchy clothes and away we go!

Want to feel different?

Becoming a member of Pilates Boost will be a brand new experience for you. The unique Educate Me section of the Pilates Boost Online Studio will provide you with videos that explain the WHY behind all the movements and workouts that we do together. 

Whether you have done Pilates or Pilates-based movement before, you are in for a new experience!

Joining the Pilates Boost monthly membership is a whole NEW reality. I will be there to support you through this amazing journey. 

Consider the slate wiped clean, the canvas brand new. It is your time to create your inspired, healthy and vibrant new you! 

What can you expect When You Become a Member of Our 

Pilates Boost Online Studio family?

You have good movement videos and good movement education videos at your fingertips. 

Take the time to explore this online studio. 

Of course we will be working out together in the Move Me workouts, but I am MORE excited about the Educate Me and Rescue Me videos that are going to give you a unique understanding of the workouts, your body and the exercises we do together.

Why you are doing something is the first step to understanding how to do something.

If you are like me, I got so sick and tired of my gym workouts, going through the motions each day spending my precious time, yet not really experiencing many changes.  Once I was introduced to Pilates and Pilates based movement, those changes started to happen within a few short months.

Your Membership Includes:

  • 12 "Move Me" Workouts
  • 17 "Educate Me" Lessons
  • 9 "Rescue Me" Life Changing Videos
  • New Videos Launched Quarterly (to keep things fresh)
  • 24/7 Access... Anytime, Anywhere!
  • Community Chat Support & Education

12 "Move me" Videos

The Move Me Workouts are 30-40 minutes in length and can be done in any order.  As part of your membership you have access to a wide variety of workouts!

As a collection these workouts will improve posture, strength in your core, improve joint range of motion, decrease aches and pains, tone and align your whole body.

Your body's systems (digestion, circulation, elimination, nerves, muscles, fascia, bones...) will learn to work more efficiently together, the result is a resilient body that enjoys the highest quality of life.

(Click on the titles below to view the full description of each workout.)

Beginner Mat Basics 1

Beginner Mat Basics 2

Pilates Mat Progressions 1

Pilates Mat Progressions 2

Full Mat Repertoire Workout

Align and Tone

Magic of the Magic Circle

Athletic Mat

Stretch to Sculpt

Pilates Barre

Reformer Inspired Mat


19 "Educate me" Videos

The nineteen Educate Me Videos are 5-12 minutes in length.  In these videos, we will take a deep dive into Pilates concepts including neutral spine, diaphragmatic breathing, pelvic floor health and so much more.  

You will take the execution of your workouts to a whole new level. If you don’t know that working your abs while in neutral spine will give a boost to your core strength and shape to your waist, you will totally be missing out on something new in your body.

(Click on each title to view the full description of each lesson.)

Who Even Cares About Neutral Spine??

Diaphragmatic Breathing

Pelvic Clock 101

Hamstring Basics

Movement Do-Over: Learning to Walk

Getting to Know Your Core

Rib Cage Basics

Spinal Flexion

Incorporating Opposition

The Key to an Epic Head Curl Up

Hand Health

Eccentric vs Concentric Movement

Educating about the Pelvic Floor

Fascia 101

Know Your Nervous System

Pilates Breathing Variations

Rock & Roll Over

9 "Rescue Me" Videos

The Rescue Me videos are packed full of simple tricks to deal with some very common ailments that can really put a wrench into our day - headaches, low back pain, foot discomfort are examples.  These Rescue Me Videos are 5-10 minutes in length and truly have the ability to change your life!

(Click on each title to view the full description of each video lesson.)

7 minutes to Less Knee Pain

Take Control of your Headaches

Your Healing Hands

Happy Feet: Magic of the Pinky Ball

Help Me Find Neutral Spine

Healthy Spine: Articulated Bridging

Movement for the Pelvic Floor

Committing to Learning the Pelvic List

Shoulder (Not So) Basics


Quarterly, we will be adding to the membership with new videos!

"It feels good to feel good!"
Jana Danielson

Let's Begin!

Pilates Boost
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  • Save Time With Quick Workouts
  • Easy 24/7 Access Anytime, Anywhere
  • 14 "Move Me" Workouts
  • 18 "Educate Me" Lessons
  • 9 "Rescue Me" Live Changing Lessons
  • New Videos Quarterly! 
Jana Danielson - Founder - Metta District

My goal is to help you to learn and build these new skills into your everyday life – it is not what you learn on the videos that is important, it is how you incorporate your new knowledge into your everyday life.  I love movement, I love helping new people fall in love with movement to become the best versions of themselves.  Take your time to learn, have patience with your body, there are going to be challenging days and really good days. Just remember that consistency is key.  A few minutes a day can make a world of difference.

Jana Danielson, MBA

Founder, Metta District, Lead Pilates and Lead Integrated Health Therapies