Pilates Mat Foundations

By Lars Rain Gustafsson

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Pilates Mat Foundations


Did you know that we have helped 1,000’s of clients get free of their pain and discomfort with Pilates?

However, did you know that not all Pilates movements are appropriate for your situation?

In fact, some Pilates movements could increase your pain.

We have solved the confusion and uncertainty of choosing what is right for you by removing those movements that are not appropriate, and cause further pain.

We created this 100% online video series of Pilates Mat Foundational movements that will help you strengthen your body around your injury so that you can start to live with less pain and discomfort.


Welcome! I am thrilled that you are choosing to invest in your wellness.  Self-care is at the heart of your ability to be a strong contributing member of your family, workplace, community and society.  Thank you for making YOU a priority!

I created the Pilates Mat Foundations course as a solution to a problem that I encountered over 10 years ago when I was starting out as a Pilates Instructor.  I had people coming to see me for classes who had various stages and types of arthritis, osteoporosis, bulging or herniated discs and although I knew that Pilates-based movement was an amazing way to create good quality of movement, less pain and higher energy, I also knew that some of the classical Pilates exercises were not safe for a body living in those situations.  At my studio I developed a class called Mat Foundations that removed those ‘contraindicated’ or less than optimal movements and kept all the yummy good-for-you movements that support the body and strengthen it in a safe and effective way.  

I am so excited to bring this 5 step movement series online to you.  Please do take the time to watch the videos first and pop over to the Educate Me videos.  These 7 videos they will explain the important concepts that will take your level of understanding about your body to the next level and will positively impact the way you live.  Once you watch these Educate Me videos, go back and do the 5 Step Movement videos over and over again, you will start to notice more mindful execution and understanding of your movement as you go through your activities of daily living.  It is the refinement of your movement patterns that we are trying to improve. It is critical for your brain to understand what your body is trying to do, otherwise, what is the point?

Thank you for choosing to invest in the Pilates Mat Foundations course!  I would love to hear your feedback. Don’t forget that it takes 21 days to form a habit and 90 days to form a lifestyle. Create the lifestyle you deserve!

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