We believe that you cannot separate your physical health from your mental health.
We believe that movement is medicine.
We believe that providing your body with the basics of oxygen, hydration, nutrition and movement can provide opportunities to flourish as humans.
We believe feeling good just feels good.
We believe that our brains crave basic physical activity so that our feel good hormones can do their job.
We believe in ourselves and we believe in you!

“Join my boys and I in this fun, interactive video that will teach you and those close to you basic breathing techniques, movement for your spine that will improve your energy and clear brain fog. There is also a fun trust exercise included in this toolkit that you will enjoy.” Jana

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About Jana

Jana Danielson

Jana is a wife, mom of 3 teenage sons and a self-proclaimed champion for health and wellness. Jana’s own health issues were the catalyst for a career shift over 12 years ago from the world of corporate consulting to that of wellness entrepreneur. Jana will be the first to say that Pilates changed her life. She stepped into her first Pilates Mat class in 1999 because she wanted to find a different approach to dealing with her undiagnosed pain. 4 months later that is exactly what happened. Her pain was gone and she found her true calling! She is a believer in wellness from the inside out and cannot wait to share her philosophy, hints and tips with you!

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