Pelvic Floor Secrets Revealed!

The Group Of Muscles You MUST Learn More About!

Jana Danielson
Creator of the Cooch Ball and Gooch Ball

Hey, Guys. Did you know that in over 90% of erectile dysfunction situations, the issue is defined as a fitness issue and not as a medical issue. Yes! You have pelvic floor muscles too and when they are too tight, they can cause ED, chronic low back pain, hip tightness and can negatively impact your golf game!! You need to watch this webinar so you can learn the 3 secrets that have the potential to change your life!

  • Hormonal changes? Pelvic floor health is a KEY secret!
  • Chronic pain? Get back to the life you deserve!
  • Sexual confidence? You can have it all!
  • Quality of life? Get back to enjoying the activities you love!
  • Losing range? Gain yardage back on your golf drives!
  • Tight hips? Regain range of motion and flexibility!
  • Prostate cancer? Rebuilding support from the inside out!
  • Lazy bladder? End the dribbles and empty completely!

Ladies, are you tired of the classic solutions to pelvic floor issues??? We are supposed to use a pad or vaginal suppositories because we pee a bit when we cough or sneeze, we experience pain during intercourse and we deal with hormonal changes which can impact how our pelvic floor functions. It is time for change. Time to learn more about our body and the simple ways we can take back control of these 'women's issues.' Start your learning today with my Pelvic Floor Secrets webinar.

  • Do you experience the embarrassing situation where you pee a bit when you cough or sneeze?
  • Are you running to the bathroom to pee all the time?
  • Are you experiencing pain during intercourse?  
  • Do you live with chronic pelvic floor pain?
  • Do you have chronic low back and hip pain that you cannot seem to improve?
  • Did you know that aging and hormonal changes do not mean that your pelvic floor will automatically become dysfunctional?
  • Is chronic pain controlling your life and robbing you of the life you deserve?
  • Have you recently had a baby and now feel you have a lifetime membership to the “Pee Club"?


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