Are you living with pain everyday?
Jana once did.

Do you feel like there is no one who hears you?
She experienced that.

Have you had medical professionals tell you that your “pain is all in your head and that you are seeking attention”?
Those were the words that she was told.

“I felt like a prisoner in my own body.  After feeling sorry for myself for a while, something within me changed.  I decided that my body was brilliant and my pain was it’s way of communicating something to me.  I took inspired action and over a 4 month period I went from taking 12 different medications each day to completely being off all medications and living the life I deserved.  In this chaos, I found beauty, I found organization and I found my true purpose in life.” Jana

I want to share the simple strategies in my 4 part mini master class series that literally changed my life (and I guarantee they are NOT what you think).

Turning Pain from Limitation to Inspiration

Are you experiencing pain?
I understand the way out of your pain because I've been there
AND will show you my personal strategies on how to
expand into the life you have always desired!

Sign up today for my 4 mini master classes that will offer you a new set of lenses to look at your body through.  You will gain clarity and learn how to take action on:

  • Owning your pain so that you can melt away the blockages that are holding you back
  • Finding your breath so that you can once again find your voice
  • Identifying beauty through chaos so lessons learned become a peaceful path into your future
  • Your time to transform as you emerge from your cocoon and spread your wings as you fly into your new adventures of life

You will be emailed your first mini master class today and then over the next 6 days, in 2 day increments, you will receive the other 3 so you have time to absorb all of the “guaranteed to impact” strategies in each video that Jana has to share.

About Jana

Jana Danielson

Jana’s own health issues were the catalyst for a career shift over 12 years ago from the world of corporate consulting to that of a wellness entrepreneur.  Jana will be the first to say that Pilates changed her life.  She stepped into her first Pilates Mat class in 1999 because she wanted to find a different approach to dealing with her undiagnosed pain.  4 months later that is exactly what happened.  Her pain was gone and she found her true calling!  In 2010 she opened her first Pilates studio, Lead Pilates in Saskatoon. In 2015 she expanded her business to a 9,000 square foot state of the art Pilates studio and Integrated Health Therapies clinic. Her team of instructors, administrators and clinicians will top 60 by the end of the year.  Jana launched her online Pilates Studio called the Metta District in September of 2019 and just this past April, she launched her first Pelvic Floor Fitness tools – the Cooch Ball and the Gooch Ball.  She is a believer in wellness from the inside out and cannot wait to share her philosophy, hints and tips with you!

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