Just Jana: Exploring Self Care and Self Love with Natalie Ledwell

By Just Jana | Just Jana

Jan 21

On this episode of Just Jana, Jana is joined by a very special guest, bestselling author, personal development coach, co-founder of Mind Movies, host of the Inspiration Show & WakeUP! TV, Natalie Ledwell. Through their conversation, Jana and Natalie walk us through the difference between caring for yourself physically and loving yourself soulfully and how we can explore our capacity for self love in order to find a divine connection with our soul and ignite our purpose. Natalie offers some pragmatic tips to end the comparison game, tap into our inner child, and find some much-needed clarity in our daily lives so that we can begin to love ourselves more deeply and show up for others more impactfully.

For access to Natalie’s free gift, go to www.mindmovies.com/mm4/6premadesgift.php?29680

To learn more about Natalie, visit www.natalieledwell.com/

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