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“The content I offer in my Audit Strategy Sheet is exactly what I followed in 2020 and it helped me add an additional 6-figure revenue stream to my bottom line! Adding my online business literally saved my bricks & mortar business as we shifted our business strategies during this pandemic” Jana

About Jana

Jana Danielson

After a career shift from corporate Human Resource Consulting to Wellness Entrepreneur over 12 years ago, Jana has started Lead Pilates out of her family’s basement in 2008. Her first commercial Pilates studio opened in 2010 and in 2015 she expanded her bricks & mortar business to a 9,000 square foot facility and added Lead Integrated Health Therapies into the mix. In September of 2019 Jana transitioned to the world of online business when she launched her online lifestyle and movement platform called the Metta District. At the end of April 2020 she launched her first online products, the Cooch and Gooch Ball which has added an additional 6-figure revenue stream in the middle of a challenging business environment. Jana married her high school sweetheart and is mom to 3 pretty cool teenage sons.

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