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Webinar: Activate Your Vision For 2020!

Learn a whole new way to set goals that will guarantee you move beyond achieving them in 2020!

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Thursday, December 05th, 8-9:30pm CST

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If you struggle to stay true to your wellness plan as the holidays quickly approach, you are not alone! I feel the overwhelm like you do! So…..I have decided to do something about it this year, and I hope you will join me for a free webinar on Thursday, December 5 at 8pm.  In this hour, I will help you to find 3 strategies you will keep front of mind for the next 5 weeks that will create a nice balance between enjoying the heck out of the holiday season and staying in the driver's seat of your wellness. We are on the cusp of a NEW DECADE PEOPLE!! I am getting ready to set some goals and make the most out of 2020, will you join me??

3 Strategies To GO BEYOND Your Goals!

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Setting Our Intentions For A Spectacular New Year

Have you started to think about your goals for this new year?  What about for the next 3 years? Think back 3 years ago... are you in the same place now as you were three years ago?  How much has your life changed? In this webinar I will uncover 3 significant KEYS to unlocking the vision for your life, and where you will be in 3 years from now.  You will experience a profound new journey in the next year by thinking backwards from three years from now!  This is a whole new way to unlock your biggest dreams!

Key Words That Dissolve Barriers To Success

In life we develop habits around the way we describe our experiences, expectations and outcomes.  We will discover how you can shift a few words in your daily living that would completely beliefs about any limitations you have, and unlock your greatest self!

THE SECRET: Envisioning Your Life BEYOND Your Goals

Over 90% of people fail at sustaining their actions to achieve their goals by the end of January every year.  That's astounding right?  What if there was a way to GUARANTEE that you will be able to move WAY BEYOND achieving your goals?  In this webinar I will reveal the ultimate secret for goal setting!

Creating A Game Plan For Taking Action Immediately

From this webinar you will develop such an incredible excitement for 2020, that we will want to capture your passion into step by step actions and community support, so that we can all celebrate your successes as they unfold in 2020. I am preparing something very special for all of us!

About Our Webinar Host,
(Jana Danielson)

My goal is to help you to learn and build these new skills into your everyday life – it is not what you learn on the videos that is important, it is how you incorporate your new knowledge into your everyday life.  I love movement, I love helping new people fall in love with movement to become the best versions of themselves.  Take your time to learn, have patience with your body, there are going to be challenging days and really good days. Just remember that consistency is key.  A few minutes a day can make a world of difference.

Pilates Mat Transformations

Here’s what people are saying about their experiences here in our Metta District membership, courses & community.

To this day, we have changed over 10,000 lives with Pilates in my studio! Now through my online studio, The Metta District, I am bringing the lifestyle of Pilates to you, in the comfort & convenience of your home.

Thank you for being here, I'm thrilled we're getting to know each other.

Christian Doe

Balanced Body Inc

A Wealth Of Knowleldge

Jana Danielson is a Balanced Body Master Instructor with a true commitment to her client’s health and wellbeing. She is an amazing teacher with a wealth of knowledge, a commitment to the highest quality of care and dedication to continually improving her skills.

Lisa McNab

Marketing Director

My Body Is Free Of Pain!

If you have pain, brain fog, poor sleep, and aren't flexible - Pilates is hands down the best, most affordable, and ultra healing thing you can do for your body.  I love all of the workouts in the Pilates Boost Membership. If I have to choose my faves, I can narrow it down to two - I love the Burns and Bliss. Two opposite types of workouts but they actually go really well together. They heat your body up and chill your mind out at the same time.

Lars Rain Gustafsson

Founder: UEXL Institute

Jana Is A Visionary!

Jana is a rare visionary, who can instantly see the possibilities in any person or opportunity, and the outcomes to goals years down the road.  More importantly, I love her philosophy of "walk first, then run."  This has created an environment for her teams and clients, where a solid foundation is set in motion to support the scaling growth and outcomes ahead.  In all our work together over the last two years, I have seen Jana accomplish every one of her goals she set for herself, and am very excited for what she sees coming in the next 3 years.  Jana is a visionary who can activate your greatest vision for yourself!

Let's Set Our Vision Together

I believe that it the greatest gift we can give to ourselves and our loved ones, is the gift of health and vitality.  There is a saying that I love, "the best you can do for me, is to do and be the best for yourself."  Our family lives by this affirmation.  It is only through our self care, balance and joy that we can be the most for others.  This is why I am looking forward to preparing our intentions for 2020 to fulfill on this promise to ourselves, that we will be the best version of ourselves, and through this create the energy and joy through which we can be the best for our loved ones.

Jana Danielson
Founder: Metta District & Lead Pilates