Congratulations! You are going to

Vision 2020 Sprint

With Jana Danielson

We will see you on OUR LIVE CALLS: 12-12:30PM CST, December 29-31

Your Next Steps:

If you have already joined us in previous programs here at Metta District and have confirmed your email, you will receive our Telegram (online chat app) Vision 2020 Sprint Chat Group Link, along with the zoom link for our live calls.

If you are new to our Metta District community and website, please follow these three steps.

1) Please check your email (and spam folder) for an email from info@mettadistrict.com with the subject "[One More Step]". 

2) Open this email and click on the link to verify your email.

3) After a few minutes you will receive the first Vision 2020 email with our Telegram Chat Group Link.  Follow the instructions to download the Telegram app to your iPad, phone or desktop, and then click on the link to join our daily chat all the way up to the start of and during our Vision 2020 Sprint on December 29th, at 12pm CST.