The Cooch Fix Pack!

Do you want to learn how to get fit, toned and free of pain with special exercises you can do with your Cooch Ball?

“The Cooch Fix Pack is the perfect next step in your Cooch Ball wellness journey!”

This course is the missing piece in our wellness journey puzzle!”

“This course is jam packed with little “gems” of movement info that take only minutes a day to do.”

Cooch Fix Pack, Jana Danielson, Metta District, Online Pilates
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Your Cooch Fix Pack includes:
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Discover the Cooch ball exercise secrets with

Jana Danielson

Inventor: Cooch & Gooch Balls
Founder: Lead Pilates & Lead Integrated Health Therapies
Founder: Metta Disctrict Online Studio

I am going to show you how to change your body from head to toe with my Cooch Fix Pack of exercise secrets!

In these 10 thirty minute video lessons, each movement session uses your Cooch Ball as a release tool so that we can create a body with optimal bloodflow to all of our muscle and fascial tissue. This is what will create the environment for change within us, the result is a life of less pain, more energy and you will experience your life in a whole new way.


In each movement session, Jana will show you simple, yet unique ways to use your Cooch Ball to:

Pain Free New Energy Flexibility Pleasure


Your hip range of motion is directly related to your low back health and your low back health is directly related to your hip range of motion (surprise)!. Jana will take you through a series of hip and low back releases using your Cooch Ball that will change the way you move starting tomorrow!

We live on a planet with gravity and because of this plus our poor seated posture, we can find ourselves with sluggish digestive and elimination systems.  The Cooch Ball releases in this movement session will show you strategies that will help you become more regular and get rid of irritating bloating.

Your 3 minute a day commitment will begin a process that encourages blood flow to the area, essentially ‘waking up’ the muscles and nerves and the first step of being more aware and less disconnected from our body is the goal.

Fascial tissue connects all parts of our body.  Feel the huge difference that releasing your calf muscle can make on your hips in just 30 minutes.

Forward rounded shoulders are a reflection of our poor postural habits. Experience the freedom that you did not even realize was missing with this 30 minute release sequence created specifically for the shoulder area including the chest. The result will be less neck tension, less cold or tingly hands and clients have said that they can give better hugs to the ones they love after doing this session!

October should not be the only month that we focus on our breast health, make it a priority all year long! Learn simple ways to give your lymphatic system a boost, create more bloodflow in and around this area of your body and by the end of this movement session you will be amazed by how much less neck tension you have.

Did you know that cellulite is fascial tissue that has puckered to the outermost layer of your skin? Did you also know that your Cooch Ball is a great release tool to melt through these ‘frozen’ tissues? See the difference that a few minutes a day can make on these stubborn areas!

Knee pain can range from irritating to debilitating.  Jana will show you a few easy ways that you can utilize your Cooch Ball to improve the health of the tissues around this joint so that you can walk or run with more joy and confidence.

Get ready to take your pelvic floor health to the next level! In this movement session you will learn about the 3 muscle groups (transverse abdominals, glute medius and the adductors) whose job it is to support the function of the pelvic floor.  When we can optimize the function of these 3 muscle groups, known as the co-recruiters, our pelvic floor area benefits in major ways.

Poor posture, not breathing properly and a lack of bloodflow around the face can all contribute to accelerated aging.  Your Cooch Ball becomes your newest anti-aging tool in this session that Jana created specifically to improve bloodflow to the skin on your face, to assist with TMJ issues and will help with headache prevention. 

Experience how your Cooch Ball can be used to assess your standing posture.  It won’t take long for you to feel where your muscles are not doing their job optimally in the posture game.  Simple strategies for improving your posture will be possible once you identify the ‘tight spots’, wake them up and then release them so that they can do their job of holding your body up in space in a better, more efficient way.

The Science: How does the Cooch Ball work?​

You can sit on your ball when you are sitting in a chair, you can sit on your ball on the floor, you can sit on your ball anywhere, really, and all it takes it 3 minutes of your time.

It is easy! All you have to do is sit on the ball for 3 minutes a day. ​


Did you know that the secret to creating healthy pelvic floor muscles is………blood flow!!!.  When you sit and stand with poor posture, you are asking the muscles of your pelvic floor to work hard just to keep you upright!!  This poor posture will then impact circulation and blood flow to the muscles of your pelvic floor.

By sitting on the ball for 3 minutes a day, we are creating a release in the soft tissue of our body, this soft tissue is known as fascia.  When fascia is tight, it sticks to our muscles and surrounds each fibre of muscle and essentially ‘suffocates’ those fibres, leading to dysfunction. It is like not watering a plant, eventually that plant is not going to live – very same concept.

Your 3 minute a day commitment will begin a process that encourages blood flow to the area, essentially ‘waking up’ the muscles and nerves and the first step of being more aware and less disconnected from our body is the goal.

To fast track the improvements in your body, all you need to do is add basic diaphragmatic breathing.  Completely inhaling through your nose and exhaling out of your mouth you will start to organize your breath which actually is what will start to help you strengthen your pelvic floor while the ball is encouraging a release.  It is the perfect storm – a healthy muscle needs to know how to work when necessary and how to rest. The release the ball creates (rest) and the work the diaphragmatic breathing creates (work) is exactly what you need to build strength in your pelvic floor.


Change your body from head to toe with these secrets!